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rsz_3665516866_549fbde4f1_o[1]Social Media is not just for kids or to socialize with others.  Social Media can be a fantastic lead generation program.  Learn about many of the Social Media formats.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, You Tube, LinkedIn and more.

There are many sites out there with all kinds of programs, information, videos about each one of the Social Media formats.  There is one that I reviewed and found to have all you need in one place.  Not only will you get good content on all types of Social Media formats, you will also learn the Goods and What not to do using them.

Included is all sorts of tools for you to learn about and use.  We are talking about lead generation tools such as Capture Pages, Squeeze Pages, Video Postcards, Video’s on your sites, Creating your OWN lead capture site and much more.

You deserve to know about Social Media and most of all how simple and easy it is to use pre set up tools that you can create and use.  Check all of this out in one site at:

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Have a Wp-Blog? Want to copy it to a different domian name?

BackUpCreator 125 AD  I enjoy purchasing new domain names and helping others do the same.

The challenge I have had is how to move a current blog to another domain site host by cloning it exactly as it is but with the new site name and admin login.  Yes, I have used sites such as and and hire others to move it.  Now that is all in the past.

I have found a very inexpensive WP-plug in that will copy any WP-Blog or Website and allow you to clone it on another host, clone it to a new URL-domain name on your existing host or a new one plus it will Backup your blog for protection.  This plug is is simple, easy to use and has allowed me to copy my blogs to other domain names or hosts for other people.

Took this program and tried it out first.  After my fifth (5th) clone to different URL’s, I now feel it is a great tool to have.

Now you have a way to Copy, Clone, Backup or protect your existing WP-Blogs.

Want to know more?  Get full details at: http://RichGrannis/Backup

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8 Common Mistakes of Internet Marketers


1. Failure to prepare properly. Many Internet marketers are simply lazy and will not make the effort to prepare properly. Refrain from being overly anxious as if you’ll miss the boat if you do not market your website immediately. Use however many days it takes to setup all the appropriate advertising accounts and advertisements properly. This will make your administration more efficient and enable you to fly through your schedule tasks effortlessly each day. The net result is that your marketing efforts will be far more productive than if you were to take a haphazard approach.

2. Failure to implement an advertising strategy. You must have a plan with well defined goals if you wish to have positive marketing results. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 Do not try to recreate the wheel. Find out what successful people are doing and do the same. Regarding goals, write them down. When you achieve a goal mark it as “completed” and replace it with another. By doing this very simple step you can monitor your effectiveness and progress.

3. Failure to be professional. Some of the ads on the Internet are of embarrassingly poor quality. Be professional in your business approach and in the design of your ads. If you lack the ability to produce professional ads then find a resource that can. The quality of your website and advertisements is a reflection on you. Also, when dealing with customers always be courteous and professional even when they are not. If you are professional you will shine above the rest and earn customer confidence.

4. Failure to implement and adhere to a disciplined schedule. If you don’t have a realistic schedule in place then you will not be disciplined in marketing your ads properly. Consistency not volume is the key to success in marketing on the Internet. A schedule allows you to be consistent and also forces you to be disciplined. The Internet is not a “get rich quick” environment. It takes hours of dedicated and consistent work. You must be committed to putting in the time if you wish to have good marketing results.

5. Failure to utilize the right tools. There are some very innovative tools on the Internet to make the operation of your business more efficient. Many of them are very affordable and they will save you from having great frustration. Some marketers take the approach of being a “penny wise and a pound foolish.” In saving their pennies they are losing out on making the bigger dollars. Don’t ignore the many tools which are available.

6. Failure to build a downline. Your downline is the cornerstone of your business. A downline is your customer list or they can be referrals that join certain advertising programs through you serving as an affiliate. Various advertising sites offer you some type of compensation for bringing them referrals. Don’t ignore the value of these referrals. Some Internet marketers are so anxious to advertise their product they fail to have an understanding of the bigger picture. A big downline can save you money in your advertising and enable you to advertise more effectively. When soliciting always get the email address of your customer for future solicitations and sales.

7. Failure to track ads. Much time is wasted on unproductive sites and ads. If you’re not tracking them you will continually work in ignorance. You must have a measure of what is working and what is not. Is the program that you are participating in yielding the desired results? Are your ads well written and effective in drawing customers? You will never have the answers to these important questions unless you track your ads. You can waste a great deal of time on poor advertising programs and bad ads if you never track the results.

8. Failure to understand the advertising medium. You must understand how each type of advertising program works if you’re going to be an effective marketer. Whether you use pay-per-click advertising or membership driven sites like safe lists, traffic exchanges and text ad exchanges all have their own personality. Not only do you need to understand the mechanics of each but also the general personality of their membership.

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Overwhelmed and Confused by Social Media?

rsz_1371111259_f8a06f0da7_b[1]  Overwhelmed and confused by Social Media?  I know many that are and I am to at times.  Great News for those that want some 100% FREE quality content on explaining in simple steps what Social Media is.  In addition, what simple daily focused taks you MUST DO each day that will LEAD to REAL RESULTS and what you should stay away from.  Here is the agenda for the webinars:

Register for the following FREE quality and informative webinars at:


Sept 14th–You’ll Enjoy…
— Connect The Dots Of The Social Media Grid
— Learn How To Design A Great USP & Brand Yourself Solid
— Peek Over Arthurs’ Shoulder As He Gets Targeted Twitter Leads
Sept 20th–You’ll Receive…
— Understand How To Gain Massive Exposure with FB Groups
— Zero to Hero List Building 2.0 Using Facebook Viral Traffic Secrets
— Initiate Your Own Facebook Groups For Masterminding or Profit
— Create A Tribe That Supports Your Dreams & Marketing Efforts
Sept 22nd– You’ll Discover…
— Why Not Caring About Social Media Will Hurt You More Than You Know
— Why You Don’t Do What You Know You Should Do, & What To Do About It
— The Scary Monster Of Ineffective Tactics, Self-Sabotage & Big Time Wasters
Get Un-confused and learn what it takes to become an Informed and Successful Social Media Top Producer.  Register today and get access to some earlier webinar recordings by clicking on:

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Why Blog Marketing Has Become So Popular

Why Blog Marketing Has Become So Popular

The popularity of blog marketing has grown but not so much from any aggressive efforts to consciously ‘promote’ business blogging. It is more the case that people in general are much more receptive to this type of approach because it is less invasive. The general public as a whole has grown increasingly weary of ‘in your face’ promotional tactics and the passive approach business blogs use is therefore more appealing. For anybody who expects to get paid to blog they are aware they must perform a service and earn the loyalty and trust of people first and foremost. From the point of view of any potential customer, this is a refreshing change and a win win situation for them.Here’s how it works!

Capture Attention

Business blogs, as mentioned previously operate on the idea of first ‘attracting’ people to their sites. This is done with the use of interesting or useful content. If the information posted is of good enough quality, people will return to view new updates.

Build Interest

On their first few visits people are normally drawn in on moderate interest but a high level of curiosity. As new post appear, and continue to maintain a certain level of quality, readers become more engaged or interested in the site. This is when loyalty begins to develop.

Increase Credibility

Now it is up to the business blogs to maintain a consistency of both content quality and posting frequency so visitors will know what to expect. When this is done the site and of course the owner begin to develop a credibility that increases with each new post. At the same time reader loyalty is also increasing and all this is transpiring without visitors being pressured to buy anything!

Builds Relationship

The more people continue to visit, the more familiar and comfortable they become with the site. Comments are left, exchanges occur, and a relationship begins to take shape that only strengthens as time goes by.

Creates Trust

As the relationship ‘bond’ strengthens so does the trust people have in the blog host. Here is when products or services are then ‘offered’ or ‘suggested’ to visitors who are more inclined to heed the suggestions of the blogger because of the credibility and trust that now exists. All this once again transpires without the use of pressure allowing people to remain in a comfort zone where they do not feel any obligation to make a purchase. With this relationship established the site owner is now able to get paid to blog due to the decrease in resistance visitors have towards any promotional efforts.

Blog marketing is growing in popularity because it presents a refreshing change from more traditional and aggressive promotional techniques. Business blogs realize they must first win the trust and loyalty of visitors to their site. This approach is more appealing to people who have grown tired of pushy ‘in your face’ tactics. Another factor not to be overlooked is the growing acceptance of making purchases online. The 5 things a blogger must accomplish if they expect to get paid to blog that are reviewed above, clearly reflect that customer satisfaction is a priority. The blogging business will likely continue to grow in popularity due primarily to its customer friendly approach. Giving people what they want, and at a pace that is comfortable to them, has put the customer back in control, and they apparently have taken a liking to it!

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